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Naramata 2018 Moriane Pinot Noir

Moraine Pinot Noir

Wine: Pinot Noir, 2018

Winery: Moraine, Naramata

Why drink it? A lot of care has gone into this Pinot, the “heartbreak grape”, in a bottle that expresses the Naramata Bench alongside classic hints of French pinots. Floral and dried rose petal notes mixed with freshly picked cherries on the nose, and hints of toast from the gentle oak treatment. Flavours of red berries; raspberries and a bit of red currant. It’s a light and friendly red that changes slightly with five to ten minutes on the fridge if you choose. Light tannins and a pleasant and bright finish makes this a good summer red.

Pair with: Grill some portobello mushrooms for veggie burgers topped with a creamy aioli, or prep some pork skewers for the BBQ, with a side of leafy greens topped with lightly toasted almonds. Or pick up pulled pork mac and cheese from a local restaurant.

Price: $27

Music pairing: Sunlight, Natalie Imbruglia

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