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Exhilerat!ion Brut, 2017

Wine: Exhilarat!on Brut, 2017

Winery: Mission Hill, West Kelowna

Why drink it? The exclamation point in the name of this bubbly is deliberate, perhaps because this is the first (surprise!) sparkling wine from Mission Hill, or to build anticipation for a taste, preferably with someone to share the bottle. All chardonnay, made in the Charmat method as the wine is fermented twice in a stainless steel tank to make the bubbles, which also creates a vibrant, citrusy wine; a supremely crisp sparkler. You may be reminded of Prosecco, but with hints of Granny Smith apples and freshly picked pears, clearly reflecting the Okanagan terroir where the grapes were grown.

Price: $30

Pair with: Just about anything on the lighter side. Seafood, sushi, focaccia served with mild cheeses, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, even plain (lightly salted) potato chips. Or, after a heavy meal, pop this as a palate cleaning, refreshing digestif.

Music pairing: Love Somebody, Maroon 5

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