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Masi, Italy

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Wine: Campofiorin Rosso Del Veronese, 2014

Winery: Masi, Italy

Why drink it? And now for something completely different: an Italian “super Venetian” red blend that is usually readily available at BC liquor stores. The grape varieties — Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara — create a full-bodied but smooth ruby red wine, with a touch of sweetness thanks to lightly drying the grapes (think of raisons and their concentrated flavour), though the finish is dry. The aromas are an enjoyable mix of cherries and spices, the tannins are soft, and it’s vegan-friendly, in case you’re wondering. An easy-drinking Italian to have on hand, or to compare with an Okanagan red blend.

Price: $20 (varies)

Pair with: An impromptu classic movie night on the couch, because Cinema Paradiso happens to be on TV, and on your last trip to Costco you bought a wide variety of cheeses that you now want to try. Pairs well with pizza or pasta with tomato sauces, rather than cream-based ones.

Music pairing: Mambo Italiano, Rosemary Clooney

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