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Hillside, Naramata Bench

Wine: Muscat Ottonel, 2015

Winery: Hillside, Naramata Bench

Why drink it? The flagship wine, a white, from Hillside Estate, the vines have been on the property since it was first planted three decades ago. The older the vines, the more intriguing the wine. If your white wine tastes are somewhere between the spectrum of sweet to dry, this is a great bottle in between. A light touch of sweetness with a tropical spice note, on the nose there is an essence of orange blossom, with flavours of tart apple, candied ginger, and a lightness on the finish. An “easy drinking” wine, with just enough complexity to start a lively conversation.

Price: $22

Pair with: This is your go to wine for sushi, as its hints of spice match with sushi sidekicks wasabi and pickled ginger, and the light sweetness of sushi rice matches the same element in the wine. Pad Thai is a great dish as well, or steelhead trout lightly treated with lemon and garlic. 

Classic cancon music pairing: Jolie Louise, Daniel Lanois

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