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Blue Mountain, OK Falls

For Canada’s 150th birthday this year, Castanet is featuring an Okanagan wine each week, celebrating the bottles of our Valley and the diversity of the Canadian wine industry, including suggested food pairings and Canadian music artist to listen to while enjoying a glass. For current availability, consult the winery.

Wine: Chardonnay, 2015

Winery: Blue Mountain, Okanagan Falls

Why drink it? You know you want to give Chardonnay another chance. Blue Mountain is one of the top oaked “chardies” around and is a perfect re-introduction to a balanced chard. Because this wine is thoughtfully handled – the vines are 26-years-old, the juice fermented 50 percent in stainless steel, 50 percent in French oak – the pureness of the fruit comes through (think lemon and lime zest), while the creaminess and character of the oak gives the wine an understated note of toasted brioche. Even the most ardent opponents of chard will enjoy this bottle.

Price: $21

Pair with: You can age this for around five years, but if you wish to enjoy now, get some fresh mussels and give them a lemon steam, or grill some scallops. Not wanting to mess up the kitchen? Grab a roast chicken from your favourite deli and whip up a good Caesar salad on the side.

Classic cancon music pairing: English Bay, Blue Rodeo

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