Introducing TheTango.net

A great deal went into the planning of Castanet’s new entertainment-based offshoot website The Tango, but the numbers suggest it was the right move as the site approaches its one-year anniversary.

The number of unique visitors and total page views have steadily risen in the months following the site’s soft launch in November 2012, with some weeks seeing over 218,000 page views and over 30,000 different computers logging onto the site. 

These stats have impressed management, who agree that it was time to diversify Castanet with this new site that specializes in funny photos and viral videos. 

The Tango is promoted as a place for people to go when they have a few minutes to spare and want a good laugh. It’s updated daily with the best stuff found on the net and a one-stop shop for what’s cool, new and interesting in the world of comedy and entertainment.

“It’s got some of the top viral videos, some of the funniest pictures found online and is a great way to kill some time and have a laugh; a great site to share with friends,” says content curator Rob Balsdon.

“We use the slogan ‘Entertainment Distilled’, and have very specific guidelines. We want our readers to find the best of what’s out there without having to sift through pages of mediocre content. I think you’ll find a lot of consistency in our site, nothing over the top.

In addition to the photos and video, there are also sections on music, movies, events and fashion. The Tango has also begun to produce it’s own exclusive content, such as “The Swedish Chef in Kitchen Stadium.”

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