The Castanet iPhone app and iOS 5

Do your new apps crash after you just did an upgrade to them? Do you have some apps that no longer open. Mark Edstrom from dpi says the problem started with Apple's launch of iOS5.

"If people download new app updates before they upgrade to the new iOS 5 they will find most apps will not work and they will probably crash."

Edstrom says it's the same for the Castanet app. If people update their app without doing the new iOS 5 upgrade their phones will reject the app.

He recommends iPhone4 users upgrade their phones to iOS 5, before they do anything else.

"Everyone should be doing it for their iPhones. If not, their apps will be crashing and their phones will not be running at peak performance. Their apps are going to be outdated and it's going to be a problem across the board."

The app designer says, "If you have the iPhone4, with the old operating system, and you do not update to iOS 5 and you do not update your apps you might be fine for a while but everything will be outdated."

App updates are sometimes automatic and if you click 'yes' before you go to the new operating system problems will occur, so it's best to do the upgrade sooner than later.

"If you do the update (iOS 5) which is great because there's a ton of new features. The next step would be to update all of your apps. The thing is. there will be 10 to 30 apps on your phone doing these updates and it will probably take an hour or more to do the update," says Edstrom.

It's always good to backup your phone before you do the update. This will ensure you do not lose any of your information. There have been some reports of pictures and video being lost after the upgrade.

Edstrom says any company that had an app, had to quickly update it to make it stable for iOS 5.

"There were tons of problems and many major sites had issues."

The new Castanet app is also ready for your upgrade.

"If you go ahead and do the iOS 5 update then the Castanet app will be work fine."

Apple says the new iOS has 200 new features. Edstrom agrees, he says there are a lot of benefits to the iOS 5 upgrade.

"The new iOS 5 is great, there's iMusic, iMagazine, new texting options and iMessage. It uses data instead of phone service so it's cheaper and it's more functional."

The developer says Apple should have had a grace period allowing app creators a chance to catch up before they launched iOS 5. Now everyone is on the same page and the phones are working properly.  

Edstrom tells Castanet the new iOS 5 is not for iPhone3s, "It's not compatible with it."

He says people with the '3s' should investigate before they do anything with the new upgrade.

Click here for more information from Apple.

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