Garage Sales - let's go shopping!

Do you have a "This car stops at all garage sales" bumper sticker? Do you set your alarm so you can be first to dig through boxes looking for treasures? Maybe you like to drive or take a leisurely walk to find out what people are selling. Whatever your garage sale philosophy is, Castanet is your one stop garage shop stop.

Our creative engineers must also be garage shop experts, because they've created tools to find these driveway sales outlets in neighbourhoods and cities throughout the Okanagan, and beyond.

To get started click Classifieds in the blue bar on Castanet's home page. Scroll down to Garage Sales and click - you're in!

Now choose: a date, a weekend, and the list appears.  

To see them on a map go to Show Events on the Map.

You can now isolate the area you want to shop by zooming in. Each red marker will show you the address, date, time and maybe even a picture.

If you want a map of the locations and addresses, go to Print (top right) and the map appears. Zoom in to the area where you want to shop and the addresses will be on the right hand side. Only what shows on the map will appear as an address. Hit Print and you'll have the directions and locations of all the garage sales you want to visit.

Watch the video for more informaion or click here and start shopping.

Here's a video on how to navigate Castanet Garage Sales.

To upload your Garage Sale: Go to the Community tab, in the blue bar on the Castanet home page, click and scroll down to Events, click and you will be directed to the Events Page.  Now Click on the red 'Share your event' bar near the top right of your screen.

Enter in your details and hit Submit. If your address does not show up correctly on the map simply move the red marker to the right location on the map and you're done. 

You better start pricing those items.

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