Navigation Changes on Castanet

You may have noticed some changes to the navigation on Castanet.net recently. Not only have we changed the aesthetic look of the drop down menus, but we are also in the process of reorganizing some of the sections.

The Old Menu

The New Menu

The most obvious change is moving from a single column layout to two columns. Some drop down menus were getting too long – this format allows us to group menu items and add new items without getting cluttered. We also incorporate images for key items, which in the case of the Classifieds menu, are the Login and Help buttons.

One of the more significant menu changes as of late was the creation of a new section called Community. Obituaries, Adopt-a-Pet and Forums were then added to this new section.



This change allowed us to increase the space between menu items which makes navigating Castanet easier and the look of the menu cleaner. Furthermore, it gives us room to add new goodies in the future. What are those goodies? Well, that’s an entirely different blog post.

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