We've had some work done

We're challenging you to push our buttons.

You may notice a few more spots on the Castanet masthead that you can click.

They'll take you to flyers, the AutoMall, our events page, an assortment of webcams and The Tango entertainment site. Also, we’ve added Facebook and Twitter icons linking to our social media, as well as news tips and contact us icons in the top right corner.

"They're part of a handful of changes to the website that we hope will better your experience," said Jon Manchester, director of content at Castanet. 

We've also streamlined our events listings.

It's now easier to navigate through the calendar, and we made it easier to quickly see main events happening in our town.

"If you click on events, you'll see we've simplified it substantially," said Manchester. 

The items within are categorized, with our "favourites" highlighted at the top of each section.

Stay tuned for a few more upcoming changes to the way you navigate Castanet.

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