'Winter Is Coming' meme contest

Winter is coming, time to buy snow tires. Or winterize the home. Or buy your ski passes. Or here’s a much better idea: Submit your entry to the Castanet Discussion Board ‘Winter Is Coming’ *meme contest.

If you win, you will be dining out at the Train Station Pub with a $100 gift certificate.

The bad news is, this contest is only open to members of the Castanet Discussion Board, and you must have a minimum of 25 posts.

The good news is, you have plenty of time to join up and join in the conversations. Jump into a heated political thread and you’ll probably have your 25 posts in an hour, tops.

The Castanet Discussion Board is a place where you can always find a good conversation, all day and most of the night. It’s a community place, a ‘Cheers bar’ kind of atmosphere, a place where everybody knows your (user)name. And they really are always glad you came.

It’s a place to meet new people, both on the board, and sometimes even in ‘real’ life. Many good and long-lasting friendships have been made on the board.

All you have to do for the contest is create that one funny meme that will leave your friends, family, co-workers and Castanet Meme Gods in stitches. And whether you win a prize or not, as a forum member you’ll be winning new friends, and gaining a fresh new addiction to yet another online distraction.

A distraction, if you do win the prize,  that you can moan about as you sip your suds at the Train Station Pub.

It’s so easy, too. Just go here: http://imgflip.com/memegenerator > choose a meme blank > create a funny about winter coming > send it to [email protected] . One entry only. 

*meme - an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. You are creating a meme when you add a saying to one of the photos and then share it with us.

For more contest details click here.

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