Hip Hop scene in Kelowna?

Parks Alive! season is almost upon us and every day through my day job I am blown away by the talent we find in our City and community.
Today I wanted to focus on one such rising star from the Hip Hop scene in Kelowna,  B-dice.
His first show was less than a year ago on our Parks Alive! stage. He is amazingly prolific writer and producer with over 390 YouTube videos and almost one million views.
Here is one he posted a few days ago:
Or one shot at Stuart Park last week:
RD: So let’s start at the beginning. When did you start doing Hip Hop? Tell me about the path you’ve taken so far on your creative journey.
B-dice: My whole life i've always had a love and respect for hip hop, I was originally a mechanic and was in school for Psychology, but one day I had just decided I didn't wanna look back on my life and have any regrets, so i moved to Kelowna to go to school for audio engineering, and within the first week of moving here I started Daily 16s.
Daily 16s weren't intended to be for a year... I just did it the first day.. and then decided to do it again.. next thing i knew it had been a week so i put a name to it. No one was watching but i saw my own improvement so I just kept at it. As time went on by day 100 I started gaining international attention and had people I personally listen to reaching out to me showing support.
From there I just kept it up, paid my dues and built my skills for the art. I eventually decided to start my clothing brand "TheHype."
From there I made a Free EP, and have just been knockin out shows.
It's not just hip hop I have a love for, It's all art. 
Art is the most beautiful part of life, It allows the mind to roam free in a world of conformity 
RD: You use a lot of video in your work. I've been saying for a few years now that folks "watch" music rather than "listen to music". What's your take on the importance of video for a new emerging artist?
B-Dice: I study marketing and study how artists have become successful and how some have failed.
One thing I understand... is quality. having good quality helps grab the attention of new viewers.
And just like music, Videos are an art. 
I had met E-say Demers at school and we have just been working together ever since, he lives with me now and we just make sure we keep putting in work!
RD: You've had a chance to perform at some amazing shows recently? What are some of your highlight shows?
B-Dice: Def have been doing some great shows, it's crazy because my first show wasn't even a year ago at parks alive.
But highlight wise, I had a show in Seattle which was crazy, and i did a show in Kelowna recently where I Opened for A$ap rocky which was huge!
It was a great night, and the first time I had ever crowd surfed! dived off the stage, was an insane night lol.
RD: In 2011/2012 you set out to make 365 videos over the course of the year... What motivated you to do that? Was it worth it? Would you recommend it to other artists?
B-Dice: Yes. was 100% worth it. I grew from a mediocre artist into what I am today. There is nothing you can do that will help you get better quicker then practice. 
It wasn't intended I just kept it up and got to where I am. I've built thousands of fans worldwide and even have inspired others to do their own "Daily 16" Challenge which is awesome!
I recommend everyone who takes their art seriously to do it every day. Consistency is the best thing you can do for your art.
RD: What's next on your horizons? 
B-Dice: I graduate school in 2 quarters and we will be touring North America, Since most of my fans are in the US I feel it's needed to get out there!
We will also be moving to Vancouver once i graduate as i only came here to go to school.
With "TheHype" started up, I also plan to be sponsoring alot of events and just generally supporting all arts.
I have a mixtape coming out soon called "Occupy The Sky" as well which will be my best body of work yet.
RD: What are some of your favorite videos that you've made in the past year?
Definitely Day 365, The Last Left, Key Of Practice, and No Contest


Anything else you want to share with the Castanet readers?


B-Dice: I'm just a guy with a dream. I Produce, write, record, perform, market, manage, advertise, track, I do this all on my own and what I can't do i get help from my best friends (E-say Demers & Kaleb Steinhoff) 
As an artist I just plan to keep progressing my art, inspiring others and doing what I do best.
TheHype. is getting bigger just as quick as I am so as more clothes sell we'll be holding more events.
"People can love it or hate it, that's the beauty of art, the fact that were all different is the most beautiful part."
Check out his clothing line at: https://www.facebook.com/TheHypeMusicAndCulture
Find him on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/BdiceMusic


And if your interested in going to a live show this weekend www.laner.ca has compiled a list of live music listings for us.


Friday, May 31st, 2013 venue
Aaron De Silva & Kieran McCaffrey (Wild Son) Good Earth Coffeehouse
Colt 45 O’Flannigans Pub
Fighting Orange Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Johnny V The Yellow House
Mike Jervis Minstrel Cafe
My Kind of Karma Streaming Café
Papa Wheely Whiski-Jacks
Radio Lifeline Kelowna Lake City Casino 
Shred Kelly Doc Willoughby’s Pub
Striker w/ Savage Blade + This Is War + Until The Lights Go Out Habitat
Wheelhouse 97 Street Pub
Whiskey Dick Grateful Fed
Zamboni Brothers The Blue Gator
Saturday, June 1st, 2013 venue
Andrw Mercer & Anjuli Otter Minstrel Cafe
Colt 45 O’Flannigans Pub
Fighting Orange Vintner’s Poolside Grill
Jamboree: Women In Music Habitat
Joshua Smith Train Station Pub
Lions Lions, The Maddigans, Young Sparrows and White Dress Star Knights of Columbus Hall
Papa Wheely Whiski-Jacks
Plumes Ensemble Streaming Café
Radio Lifeline Kelowna Lake City Casino 
Rodrigo Rosales Good Earth Coffeehouse
The Original Shakedown Grateful Fed
Wheelhouse 97 Street Pub
Wild Son, Fangles Doc Willoughby’s Pub
Zamboni Brothers The Blue Gator

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