Don't know what to do? Try this.

Local musician Dan Oig's debut single is called "Don't know what to do". Perhaps he was aiming for a stroke of irony. From what I can see he knows exactly what to do to bring his career to the next level. Under the advice of our local success story, Andrew Allen, he has joined forces with songwriter/producer, Ryan Stewart to produce his current single. Ryan has worked with Carly Rae Jepsen, Andrew Allen, and Victoria Duffield. Although its only been released for less than two weeks his single has been picked up by over a dozen radio stations already.
Here is the single:
I caught up with Dan over facebook to do an interview about his plans now that the single is garnering some radio success?
RD: You write a lot of songs. How did you select this song to be the single?

DO: I actually released the original version of this song on my album "love" as a fun dance mix, and I got alarming response on the song. It was everybody's favorite. So after I had been talking to Ryan Stewart for a bit about what song we were gonna do I sent him the original version and he liked it right away, more so than any other song I sent him, so we decided to record it, we re-wrote everything minus the chorus.

RD: Now that its released and playing on over a dozen stations what are your plans to follow up on its success?

DO: There's a couple cool things in the pipe. I'm working on a collab with an artist who shall currently remain nameless, and there's a couple dj's interested in remixing this song. But there's plans to do song number 2 with Ryan in march of 2013. We're just now in the deciding stages of what direction were gonna go with single #2.

RD: Is there a full album in the works?

DO: An album will eventually happen. But right now I'm just focused on released another single or two which hopefully will help me arrange a deal for an album.

RD: if you could choose any act to open for which act would you choose to open for?

DO: If I could open for anyone, it would probably be Andrew Allen, again. I opened for him in Kamloops back in February and that was a ton of fun. He's a super nice dude and has given me a lot of advice over the past year. So I'd definitely want to do another show with him. I'm sure it'll happen soon enough!

Dan is also a big support of other local musicians and we featured one of his podcasts a number of months ago. You can check it out here if your interested: http://www.castanet.net/news/What-s-On/77561/Discover-great-Canadian-music
for more information on Dan Oig go to www.danoigmusic.com
In other local music news check out this recently released music video by local rock band The Wild:
Also Leah West is releasing her latest album at The Minstrel Cafe this evening (Wed, Nov 7th). For full details go to our events page listing http://www.castanet.net/events/leah_west/15954

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