Local band "Fields of Green" wins big!

Our local lads Fields of Green have gone and won the Fox Seeds Competition. They beat out over 300 acts to claim the top spot and win oodles of prizes including:
$10,000 in tour support, $10,000 in Long & McQuade gear, a five song EP by Garth Richardson, opening spot for the Arkells upcoming national tour, distribution by Maple Music Canada, a music video and a songwriting session with Hot Hot Heats Steve Bay.

I caught up with Kevin from Fields of Green over facebook to get some more info on what the win means for the band.

1) How does it feel to win the Fox Seeds Competition? So many bands have used this as a springboard for their careers?

It feels a bit surreal right now. Hasn't fully sunk in yet for me. The Seeds is massive exposure in Canada and I believe that it will be that "Seed" that shoots us to the next level. Touring with the Arkells will be incredible and a great opportunity to make new fans across the country.

2) Your currently working on a new cd how does this win effect that?

We started working on the new album last fall and we've been formulating plans with Garth to finish it this fall. Winning the contest will definitely help us in promoting the record, but to be honest, we would have finished the record in the same way whether we won or not. However, winning the seeds means that we also get to record a 5 song EP with Garth.. So we'll probably do a follow up EP after the release of the Album next year. Lots of new FOG tunes to come in 2013!

3) Did I hear recently that someone stole your drummer? (I'll insert the youtube video into the story).

This is true. A Victoria based artist named "JP the Maurice" was jealous of our success and wanted a piece of our puzzle. So he attempted to steal Johnny from us. We were very upset...

4) So now your still in the running for the PPP? This is going to be a busy year. What is the biggest dream that the band has that is yet to come to fruition?

Yes it's true, we're still in the top 20 of the Peak performance project and it's awesome but very busy. The biggest dream for us... Well, how big do you mean Ryan? Like the BIGGEST dream? Gotta say, opening for Radiohead would be the biggest dream. They're our heroes.

5) When are you back in Kelowna ?

Well, as a matter of fact, we just booked a really last minute show this Saturday (sept. 15) with our pals Acres of Lions at Doc Willoughby's. But Also! we'll be headlining a really special show at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Oct 5th (tickets sold at the door). That show will likely be our last Kelowna show for several months, perhaps our last until the new album release.. So be there.. or be, something else.

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