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Local songstress, poet, musician, and artist Leila Neverland is set to take the stage at Creekside Theatre in Lake Country for two back-to-back performances on Friday November 18th, and Saturday November 19th. Covering Adele tunes in a tribute, as well as her own compositions, Leila has created a unique concert experience for all in attendance.  I met Leila when she came into my office one day when I was working at Festivals Kelowna. She pitched the idea about putting pianos in the streets of Kelowna and the rest they say is history. (http://www.castanet.net/news/What-s-On/142073/Pianos-in-Parks

Known for her creative, and absurdly brilliant performances, Leila Neverland truly never duplicates a performance. Her unique, multi-talented artistry has allowed her to pursue many arts-related endeavours, thereby honing her craft in a holistic fashion. Not only can she play the piano with impressive skill and accuracy, but also tackles the ukulele, and has worked to shape her voice to that of a versatile singing powerhouse. 

Currently showcasing her newest singer-songwriter masterpieces, Leila took the time to answer some questions while on the road in the Kootenays. 

How long have you been involved in the live event/concert scene?

Ever since I was little. I've performed original material for 15 years and have close to ten full-length albums.

What’s your musical background?

Classically trained, taught myself jazz.

How would you describe your style of music?

Free-spirited gypsy ragtime freedom music.

When did you first know you wanted to be a performer?

Can't remember. I think its just always been in my boots.

What would you tell a potential audience member for the upcoming show (describe the show)?

We will warm up with some of my originals and after a quick intermission a full band Adele sound will develop, adding element after element, with a touch of theatre, comedy, and dance. Stoked to be joined by pianist Kodi Ackerman, drummer Jay Dallomar, string duet Nils and Julia, and long-time friend and dancer Ana-Maria Kiss.

Any take-aways for audiences? Is this in promotion of a new album?

I will have my newest collection called "Ten Shades of Leila" on hand, and hope to reach a new audience.

Do you have any fun/interesting stories about performing?

When I'm in an audience I feel like we are one entity, and when I'm onstage as the performer, every pair of eyes smiling, crying, closed in bliss, wild and open, are so individually unique. I love the magic of performance. Giving, receiving. And when the magic is pure, we are all one.

What has been one of your favourite moments to date as a singer/performer?

Every performance offers unique moments of cheek straining smiles and pure melodic vibrations. I can't wait to get on stage and share this one. Another stands out. Back in 2012. I composed, staged, produced, and performed an original, locally sourced music and theatre production about a young woman's journey from stagnancy through transcendence. "Transcending Orbit" was so much fun and I am readying grant applications to make it bigger and better. See www.leilaneverland.com for more.

Any other fun tidbits that would be fun to share about the upcoming concert or in general?

We've started saying "Hello" when rehearsal is over and most would say goodbye. She rubs off, that Adele Adkins.

If you had to give a 30-second elevator pitch for the show, what key points would it include?

Do you hear that? Can it be? Is Adele in the Okanagan? Almost. It's local songstress Leila Neverland's powerful voice and her crew, giving the superstar's music some interstellar justice. Don't miss this show!

Just as Leila expressed above, this will be a unique, and powerful event, one that should not be missed! Come hear Leila in concert on Friday, November 18th, or Saturday, November 19th. Tickets are $25 available at the door, online at www.creeksidetheatre.com  or by calling 250-860-2867.

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