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Few folks know, but local Kelowna musician, Norm Strauss, played at the very first Parks Alive! show (which was at that time called Kelowna Pride). His singer/songwriter, folk music filled lifestyle has taken Norm on many adventures in life, but one of his recent experiences was being featured on the German version of ‘The Voice’. Part-time Dresden (Germany) / Kelowna resident, he has built a solid career as a house concert touring musician, and has weaved in and out of Kelowna's live music scene for a couple of decades. 

Check out his live performance and the positive response to it on the German ‘The Voice’: http://bit.ly/1k9EjME

I caught up with Norm this week to ask about the experience. Here’s our conversation: 

RD: Why did you audition?

NS: Normally there is quite a lengthy pre-audition process to get onto the show, involving at least 3 'pre-scout' auditions that take place in various cites in Germany. I had never heard of the show, and did not apply or take place in the pre-scouts. They contacted me by email in May, just out of the blue, and asked if I would consider taking part in the show. At first I actually thought it was a scam.

It took me a little while to investigate the show, and finally I agreed to meet with them in Berlin. I sang a couple songs in front of some Universal Music execs, and some other music industry people in a small room in Adlershof, Berlin.

Next thing I knew they handed me a huge contract to look over. Long story short, I ended up coming to Berlin after much agonizing over whether or not to be on this show. I even called past contestants to ask about their experience.

RD: What are your hopes with your involvement with the show?

NS: My final decision was based on the exposure I would get, and the fact that I represent a humanitarian project in Romania http://www.newhorizonromania.com/ which I talk about in all of my concerts. I thought this would be a great way to get the work of this project more widely known.

RD: How has the response been?

NS: The response has been immediate. When the show aired on Friday evening (German time), I happened to be sitting in front of my computer, logged into Facebook. It lit up like a Christmas tree, and hasn't stopped since. I tried to keep up to all the emails and FB messages, but at least on Friday, this was impossible. Monday I finally caught up. The messages still keep coming. 90%, of course, from Germany.

About 75% of my concerts in the last two years have been house concerts, which I love doing. I am in the Kelowna area now for the next few months and am available for some gigs. 

For more information about Norm Strauss: http://www.normstrauss.com/house-concerts

We have been listening to Norm's music for a long time at our house. His songs are the theme song for many and various moments in my life. Here is a video of my daughter’s favourite song, Unbreakable:

Ryan Donn Norm Strauss singing 'Unbreakable'

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