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Van Ryswyk to run in by-election

A press release was sent out by Dayleen Van Ryswyk Friday night announcing her intention to run in the Westside-Kelowna by-election as an Independent candidate.

"After much thought and consideration, I have decided to step forward and run in the upcoming Westside-Kelowna by-election as an Independent candidate.

I am appalled that Christy Clark would consider the Westside-Kelowna riding as an easy win, especially since she lost in her own home riding of Vancouver-Point Grey.  Her own constituents found her unable to represent their interests, and they kicked her out.  What makes her think the voters of Westside-Kelowna want an absentee MLA that isn't even from this area?

She is not going to be able to provide them with a big bag of goodies, just empty promises, because there isn't any money.  Ms. Clark has even stated that they will have to "say no, more than yes" (except to her staff).

Now she's flip flopping by giving her staffers massive raises, only to take some of them back because of public outrage.  I think the damage is done!  The voters here are furious.  She says one thing, and then does another. Not my idea of a good leader!

As an Independent candidate, I'm not bound by party policy and rhetoric and can actually be the voice of my constituents in the Legislature.  Something only the people in Independent MLA Vicki Huntington's riding have.

Despite Ms. Clark cancelling the committee on open government, I happen to think government accountability and transparency to be quite important and I believe my constituents do as well.  I will work hard to hold the government accountable and be a watchdog in the Legislature.

I would also like to be instrumental in bringing forward meaningful and respectful discussion on First Nations issues.  The mishandling of these sensitive issues at both Federal and Provincial levels are only increasing the divide between the people of British Columbia and Canada.

As we all know, it is a highly sensitive subject.  However, it will never be solved if we are afraid to even discuss it.  People in Westside-Kelowna have made themselves clear; it's time that someone spoke up, stopped worrying about being so politically correct and just dealt with the issues.

I'm happy to be their voice to do that and I look forward to representing them in the Legislature."

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