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CanToy Diva's will be racing for a good cause again at the Rebelle Rally

Rallying for a good cause

A pair of West Kelowna women will once again be taking part in the only women’s off-road navigation rally in the United States.

The CanToy Divas will be taking part in the Rebelle Rally from Oct. 12 to Oct. 21. This will be Liza Tough’s fourth time and Sue Chapin’s third time competing in the event. Every time the pair has competed, they have won the International Cup award.

This year they'll have some extra incentive in the competition.

Adam Michael O’Brien’s life was cut short when he was hit by a vehicle while walking home from a bus stop in November of 2022.

The duo will be honouring his memory and driving in the rally in his name.

"Adam and his family were avid followers of the CanToy Divas," says Liza Tough. Now the pair are hoping they can win another award.

"There are two chances to bring home donations to a charity of the team’s choice, as funds to charities are awarded in place of giving the funds to the winning team," Tough says.

The CanToy Divas have a chance to win either the International Cup and the $3,000.00 U.S. prize for the highest scoring international team, and/or the Team Spirit Award, which is a $5,000.00 U.S. prize.

The charity of choice for CanToy Diva’s will be Pathways Abilities Society, and the donation will be made in honour of Adam O'Brien.

"Adam was a part of the society and had many friends that are still with Pathways," Tough says.

The team will carry a special tribute on the hood of their vehicle, a 2017 Toyota Tacoma named Caliente, which they like to think of as their third teammate.

The Rebelle Rally is the longest off-road rally in the United States, for women only, and was created by Emily Miller. It runs over eight days and covers more than 2,500 km, from northern Nevada to Glamis, California at the Imperial Sand Dunes near the Mexico border.

The eight day rally is navigation based and is completed by collecting points at hidden checkpoints.

It's completed without cell phones, GPS, or GPS enabled devices. Teams are given checkpoint locations at the beginning of each day and have to navigate to the checkpoint using only a map, compass or rally road books.

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