West Kelowna  

Popkum fire chief receives Canadian citizenship while fighting West Kelowna fire

Gets citizenship in fire truck

More is being learned about the out-of-town firefighter who became a Canadian citizen on the front lines of West Kelowna’s McDougall Creek wildfire.

West Kelowna chief Jason Brolund announced Monday that one of the municipal firefighters who came to help in the fire fight was scheduled to attend a citizenship ceremony.

“What an important thing, and what a massive sacrifice to make — but he's gonna do it,” Brolund continued. “He's going to do it by Zoom from behind the front lines.”

On Tuesday, federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marc Miller posting to X, formerly known as Twitter, identified the firefighter at Popkum fire chief Walter Roos.

“A new Canadian and already a hero! You’ve more than earned it, Chief Roos!” Miller posted.

Brolund on Monday said he did not know where Roos immigrated from, but “what I do know, is he’s going to be from Canada.”

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