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Airsoft coming to Bull Mountain Adventure Park in West Kelowna

Airsoft coming to Bull Mtn.

West Kelowna's Bull Mountain Adventure Park is getting ready for the grand opening of its new airsoft field.

The three-course range will have two outdoor playing fields, an indoor playing facility for close combat, and enough room for up to 60 shooters.

“The courses are awesome. We’ve got the deadfall course by the creek, this radio tower at the ski hill, and then we have the indoor map, which is all close quarters," explained Ben Cwikula of BMAP Airsoft.

"If it gets hot outside, we’ll go inside and play in the indoor one, and sometimes we’ll have a free for all with pistols only. That’s lots of fun too.”

The longtime airsoft player tells Castanet the courses they’ve set up make you feel like you’re bringing your video games to life.

“It’s pretty fun because you’re able to take those skills that you learn in tactics and stuff and apply them here on airsoft," said Cwikula.

"And when you get a really good squad and a squad leader, and you get the hand signals down saying there’s a guy over there. Flank him or give me suppression fire while I flank him. It can be a lot of fun.”

BMAP Airsoft is encouraging players to bring their own gear, but they do have limited stock available for rent.

Founder Don Journeay recommended Spades Tactical downtown on Bernard Avenue.

"They sell all sorts of everything you need to come up and play. If you don’t have the equipment and you want to try it out, you can come up here as we do have rentals available."

Bull Mountain Adventure Park is located in Upper Glenrosa, at the former location of Crystal Mountain Ski Hill.

The grand opening airsoft event takes place on June 3 and will include live music, food and entertainment. You can register online.

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