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West Kelowna mulling over bylaw changes aimed at community and firefighter safety

Looking at fire regulations

Building owners in West Kelowna may be required to make changes to the way it provides access to firefighters in case of an emergency.

Changes to the bylaw before city council next week are designed to "increase the level of pre-fire planning and community and firefighter safety," a report prepared by Fire Chief Jason Brolund suggests.

According to the report, four specific improvements to the bylaw are being proposed, including:

  • Provision of standardized and more secure access to buildings with advanced fire pro tection systems such as fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire elevators. (requiring Knox lock boxes)
  • Provision of a Fire Safety Plan in a standard format acceptable to the fire chief such that it can be used to support and enhance the fire departments pre-planning process. (electronic plan submission)
  • Prohibit the storage of flammable or combustible liquids within shipping containers unless modifications have been made to permit safe storage and reduce the risk to firefighters and the public. (Fire Chiefs Association of BC standard).
  • Prohibit the storage of gas or propane in a shipping container in all cases.

A building that incorporates fire protection equipment, elevator control or door access will be required to provide a key box, keyed and located in a way acceptable to the fire chief.

Failure to provide approved access or comply with fire or building code will be subject to a fine of $250.

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