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West Kelowna woman undertakes a mission to clean Westside Rd.

Solo cleaning mission

A semi-retired West Kelowna woman is on a one-person mission to try and clean up Westside Road.

"I've always felt sort of a responsibility to keep Mother Earth clean I guess," says Lynn Retzer.

Retzer is winding down her cleaning business and now has time on her hands.

"I'm in a position now where I have more time to be able to do things like this," she said.

"I was out riding my bike the other day, and I just noticed how atrocious, how much garbage and whatnot was in the ditches."

Retzer says she decided to take it on herself to try and do something about the mess.

"I started at the beginning of Highway 97 and I got down not quite one kilometre and I'd already collected that much."

Retzer says she plans to keep going and she hopes that she can inspire others to be more mindful about throwing out their garbage.

"I'm just going to keep trying to do what I can. Once a week, go out and see what I can do and just hopefully show people to be more respectful and not throw their stuff into the ditch. Just doing my part."

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