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Rightful owner of camera, footage found

Happy ending for teen

Madison Erhardt

UPDATE: 2:35 p.m.

It's a happy ending for a teenage girl who is soon to be reunited with her camera and all the memories that come along with it.

A Kelowna mother called Castanet Wednesday afternoon to confirm that the camera and footage belonged to her daughter.

She says the camera was found at the perfect time because the family's longtime yellow lab died on Tuesday, and her daughter was disappointed she had no photos of her and her furry friend.

"She was sad and then we saw your story with the last photo of her and our dog. It is hard to believe the camera was found at the bottom of the lake," the mom said.

ORIGINAL: 4 a.m.

A waterlogged camera was found in Okanagan Lake back in April and the footage was recovered.

The family that found the camera is now hoping to find the rightful owner.

Ann Treichel says her grandson Gabrielle and his mom were at Sarsons Beach paddle boarding when the 14-year-old made the discovery.

"He brought it home thinking it could get dried out and see what is what," she said, explaining that while the camera is "toast," the memory card works just fine.

Treichel says she and her husband did some investigative work to try and track down the owner.

They looked through the photos and saw a "Home of the Knights" decal.

"I went online to see which school belongs to Home of the Knights and came up with Kelowna Christian School."

The photos from the memory card show what appears to be a group of students in Grade 10 or 11 on a field trip having fun on a school bus.

Treichel also believes the photos were taken fairly recently as one of the pictures was taken at the new PetSmart location in Kelowna.

"It's nice because the pictures obviously belong to a teenager and you know down the line you want to have all these memories of when you are a kid, especially when you are on a bus trip with your pals from school," Treichel said.

The camera is a navy blue Samsung digital camera.

If you are the rightful owner, you can call Castanet.

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