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Two local businesses step up to help after Westside Salvation Army forklift breaks down

Uplifting help for Army

Two local businesses have stepped up with generous donations after the Westside Salvation Army’s forklift broke down.

“When our forklift died, we called Norval Rentals to rent a machine while we looked to purchase a new one,” says Michel Frappier, operations manager of the Westside Salvation Army, “we were thrilled when Norval decided to donate the forklift to us, rather than charging us their typical rental fee. This was a savings of nearly $2,500.”

But the giving didn’t stop there.

Brett and Marc Thompson, owners of Valley Lift Truck Services, also heard about the need and loaned a forklift to the Salvation Army for six weeks at no cost, and helped source out and purchase a newer one.

“We are a local company that likes to give back to our community. My brother Brett and I understand the impact the Salvation Army has on our community. We believe in their excellent work. As soon as we knew there was a need, we got busy to help them out as soon as possible,” said Marc Thompson.

“Once they found us the perfect forklift they delivered it to our location at no charge, they installed a guard, installed a new sensor on the battery pack repainted the unit, put on new tires, gifted us with a new charging station, removed our old forklift and charging station all at no cost, plus contributed $5,000 towards the new purchase, resulting in a close to $18,000 donation,” explained Lenetta Parry, community engagement manager.

The new piece of equipment allows the Westside Salvation Army to operate its warehouse more effectively.

Frappier noted, “this new machine saves us so much time and money. The new forklift is smaller than our previous one, it has three wheels versus four, so it manoeuvres well inside tight spaces plus we are saving money on maintenance and battery repairs.”

“We are blessed to have such great community partners such as Norval Rentals and Valley Lift Truck,” adds officer Rob Henson.

The Westside Salvation Army moves millions of dollars worth of food, clothing, furniture, emergency disaster supplies, and recyclables per year, so a reliable forklift is essential to day-to-day operations.

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