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Man grabs two gas cans, moons door camera while making his getaway

Full moon gas thief

Rob Gibson

A Peachland couple who went looking for two jerry cans of gas they use for their lawnmower and other vehicles were shocked by what they found on their surveillance security video.

Chris Baecker tells Castanet he filled a couple of jerry cans with gas on Monday, but because they smelled strongly of gasoline he left them outside overnight. When he went looking for the gas the next day, they were nowhere to be found.

So he asked his wife to take a look at the security camera footage from Monday overnight.

Lo and behold, they spotted a large man in a dark t-shirt and sweat pants pull into their Peachland driveway at 1:24 a.m. Tuesday. The man boldly walked over to the gas cans grabbed them and put them in his white four-door sedan.

His sweat pants fall down and he essentially gives the camera a 'full moon' before driving away with the gas cans.

Baecker says, "if you're coming stealing my gas you deserve to have your butt out there. He was stealing our gas and mooning us."

Baecker says the incident has been reported to RCMP, but he's not holding their breath.

"I said, look, I don't expect you guys to do anything about it. But if this guy's out there roaming around, you know, maybe his car gets picked up on something where he's after something bigger than gas. You never know."

Baecker isn't sure if the theft is related to the recent rise in gas prices in the Okanagan, but either way, he's not impressed.

"Okay, are you living in the neighborhood? Are you just broke? You need gas? I don't know what your deal is but it's weird. And I don't like the fact that you just came up to my front door."

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