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West Kelowna gym closes 4 days after ordered to by the courts

Iron Energy doors closed

A West Kelowna gym that openly defied provincial health orders has shut its doors.

Brett Godin, a co-owner of Iron Energy Gym took to Instagram Tuesday to announce the gym is abiding by a court order issued Friday to close their doors.

"We lost the big fight to big brother," Godin stated.

Godin says the decision was an emotional one for the owners, stating remaining open was something they were passionate about.

He said owners were given the choice, close the doors, or go to jail.

Owners of the gym have been outspoken against provincial health orders which required gyms and fitness centres to close at the end of 2021.

They were fined $2,300 for defying the health order and handed an additional 21 health enforcement tickets for 21 straight days in January, totaling $7,245.

Once gyms were allowed to reopen last month, Iron Energy stated they would not comply with requirements to check vaccine passports or require the wearing of masks, stating "no Canadian citizen is required to take any medical treatment without informed consent, which includes the right to refuse such treatment."

Last week, Interior Health sought a court injunction, asking that the gym be forced to shut its doors if it did not comply.

The order was granted Friday.

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