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West Kelowna mom watches as brazen thief steals her car

Don't idle unattended

A West Kelowna woman has a warning for other drivers after her car was stolen right in front of her.

Don’t leave your vehicle unattended while it’s warming up.

Katie D’Aoust said she started her car around 7:45 a.m. and went inside only briefly to get her kids to take them to school when she heard a horn honk. She looked back out her front door and was stunned to see a woman put her car in reverse and drive away. She called the experience surreal.

She describes the suspect as a woman in her late 20s, wearing a large white jacket with a hood covering her head.

D’Aoust’s car was parked at the top of her driveway on Ensign Way. Katie suspects either the car thief had been watching her house or was with another person in a different vehicle, scoping the neighbourhood.

She warned all her immediate neighbours and posted to social media asking people to keep an eye out for her grey, 2002 Toyota 4Runner with BC license plate 950 SCH. She also reported it to West Kelowna RCMP.

D’Aoust wants to get the word out to those living in the Shannon Lake area to be on the watch for car thieves and to keep an eye on their vehicles, even when parked in their own driveway.

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