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Group of snow angels in West Kelowna have been busy this winter

'Snow Angels' still going

With the potential for snow and heavy snow in the Okanagan over the next few days, it's a good bet that you or someone you know will be doing some snow shovelling.

The good news is that Scott Curtis and a group of his friends are offering free snow shovelling in West Kelowna.

Curtis, originally from Utah, is in West Kelowna for the next month or so as part of his work with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

"It's not really a job but my work with the church is about helping other people and that's how I view this."

Curtis says he and some of his fellow Mormons have been volunteering to help shovel for those who need the help since before Christmas.

"Just give us a call I can be reached at 604.363.3821," Curtis tells Castanet.

Curtis says they do their best to get to people in between the work he does for the church and they are happy to share their experiences, but they're not pushy.

"If people are interested and want to talk to us we're happy to share and spend time but it's not necessary and we don't accept any money," Curtis says.

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