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A cat spent three days stuck on top of a hydro pole

3 days on top of hydro pole

West Kelowna resident Dianne Kusch says her cat Boots was stuck on top of a hydro pole for a full 72 hours before it was rescued by BC Hydro.

Kusch says Boots climbed up a hydro pole Friday near Pines Drive in West Kelowna.

Kusch posted an update on Facebook Saturday concerned she wouldn't be able to get Boots down.

"[The] fire department won’t help because it’s hydro pole and wires. Hydro won’t do anything unless he’s been up there three days," she said on Facebook.

"It’s raining, he’s cold, no food and no water and you won’t come," she added.

On Sunday morning BC Hydro came to the rescue.

"I would love to thank everybody who helped get Boots home. I can’t believe how wonderful people are. Thanks for all the advice and helpful hints and support we received. Great thanks to the two Hydro guys who came this morning and got Boots without a fight. Those guys rocked. "

"Boots surely wouldn’t have lasted much longer up there. Very very cold and soaked."

Boots is expected to make a full recovery.

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