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House boat breaks off moorage, runs aground near Bear Creek

Houseboat runs aground

Traders Cove residents on the west side of Okanagan Lake are growing ever more concerned about a houseboat that has washed ashore just south of Bear Creek Campground.

The houseboat appears to have broken free of its moorings after Monday's wind storm and has since become beached on the rocks.

Several concerned citizens have reached out to Castanet to share their worries that the boat is listing and appears to be in jeopardy of breaking apart.

"It's washed right up onshore and it's starting to get a bit of a lean to it," Melanie Walsh tells Castanet.

"Honestly my concern is if it were to sink how will they go about getting it out of there? I know it's full of appliances with Freon and different things. I'm like, 'oh my that's no good.'"

Walsh is also concerned about Bear Creek Campground, "if it were to get beat apart over the winter the public campground is just around the corner and it will be filled with families and kids at the beach."

This is not the first time this houseboat has had issues. It was taking on water and sinking back in 2020. At that time the owner Ted Doucette told Castanet he no longer lives on the vessel full time, but he says he's had it on the lake for the last 15 years.

Walsh says she doesn't know the owner personally but has heard through other area residents that it has been for sale in the past. She has no idea if the owner is even aware that the boat has run aground.

"It would be nice if they would come down and look at it," Walsh says.

Castanet has reached out to the federal government, which has jurisdiction over waterways.

Under Canadian law, vessel owners must take measures to prevent, mitigate or eliminate hazards presented by their vessel and are responsible for all costs associated with their vessel, including salvage.

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