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'Couple of morons' break into Peachland's ZipZone, leave empty handed

'Morons' hit ZipZone

Peachland’s ZipZone adventure park was hit by thieves on Thanksgiving Monday.

Business owner Kevin Bennett says a “couple of morons in an F-350” pulled down a section of fence and drove into the base camp area.

ZipZone’s sea-cans were too well secured, so the crooks left empty handed, but left parts of their truck stuck on the fence along with a power bank with the name “Mike” scratched into it.

The evidence has been handed over to police.

“These thieves are so dumb they actually think we leave anything at ZipZone that can be sold. All of our stuff is specialized ziplining equipment, serial numbered and indelibly marked,” Bennett said.

“It’s useless outside of our park and no one would ever buy it. Pawn shops wouldn’t even look at it and if a thief were dumb enough to approach another zipline with gear like ours they’d be reported immediately”.

ZipZone says its fence is under repair and should be fixed in the next couple of days.

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