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Bear hangs out on Glenrosa deck, doesn't smell Thanksgiving turkey

Bear hangs out on deck

Rob Gibson

A West Kelowna man is giving thanks that a bear didn't wreck his Thanksgiving dinner.

"I had my turkey soaking in brine outside around the corner and I was worried that the bear was going to smell it and get at the turkey."

Gary Stoutenberg tells Castanet he was getting ready to barbecue his turkey when his wife told him there was a bear on the deck Monday afternoon.

"He wasn't big, probably the size of a German shepherd and he just hung out there for about 20, 25 minutes."

Stoutenberg lives in Glenrosa and says he has seen several bears over the years but this one seemed to just want to hang out. "The bear just sat there looking at us through the window.'

Eventually, the bear left and Stoutenberg wanted to get cooking his Thanksgiving dinner, "I went out about a half-hour later and we startled each other. I looked at him and he looked at me and then he turned around and bolted he went around the house and kinda disappeared.

"Thanksgiving was a success."

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