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Video shows a man killing a cougar with a machete after it attacked a dog

Cougar killed with machete

A man used a machete to chop off the neck of a cougar after it attacked a dog.

The incident took place in West Kelowna along Bear Lake Main Road early last week.

The graphic video that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday shows the cougar approaching the dog slowly. The cougar then begins to run after the golden retriever, with another dog chasing behind.

The cougar then latched onto the dog's neck with its jaws.

Moments later a man runs to his truck and pulls out a machete and begins to hit the cougar on its neck repeatedly, eventually slicing the cougar's neck and beheading the cougar.

The video, which Castanet has chosen not to include due to its extremely graphic nature has over 100,000 views.

A comment on the video from the handle galensunstom claims he was the one who killed the cougar.

"The guy in the truck warned me that there was a cat on the road so I ran back to my campsite and grabbed my machete and I’m no hero. The golden lab is the true hero and he gave his life to give me time to get back to my campsite and get my machete. He was an older dog that knew that we were under attack and he retreated but he got caught. He’s the true hero."

The three-legged dog that was under attack was named Chopper.

"(He) unfortunately had to be put down due to massive injuries two days later. Conservation officers the next day confirmed that the cougar was half-starved and likely going to die because its mouth and paws had several porcupine quills festering. There is quite often families in the area so this could have been much worse," Todd McMurray said.

A woman named Katie Poppy who also commented on the video claims to be Choppers owner.

"This was my dog. I was at work when this happened. He was the sweetest, most kind and caring animal you could ever meet. There was nothing the vet could do to save him. He stopped on purpose to keep the cougar away from the human. That’s the kind of dog he was."

Castanet has reached out to the BC Conservation Officer Service for more information.

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