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Burglar breaks into home, steals packed possessions set aside due to evacuation alert

Break-in while on evac alert

A Peachland area resident is terrified after an intruder broke into his basement suite and stole from him while he was sleeping.

Alex Houghton lives on Trepanier Road and works evenings at The Modest Butcher. He says he typically sleeps in until roughly 11 a.m., and on Tuesday morning shortly after 6:30 a.m., a man wearing a blue ball cap and a black jacket entered his home.

“At first it didn’t really come to me. I was waking up but wasn’t fully there yet, and I looked around and some of my things were missing. I went out to my car and my seats were pulled down. It's terrifying to think that someone would enter your home knowing that someone is sleeping,” said Houghton.

The thief walked through the front door and began to make off with items like Houghton’s stereo, camera, wallet, watches and a variety of other items. He assumes his car keys were snatched from his counter, and that's how the suspect gained access to his car. It was filled with clothing and skateboards, as well as other personal items because his home is currently under evacuation alert. Houghton says he just wanted his items to be safe.

“It sucks. I was just trying to do the right thing and pack up in case of an evacuation order, but in the end I got burned in a different way. It's very concerning,” said Houghton.

Of all the possessions that were stolen, the former culinary student says he is left feeling hurt after the loss of one specific item. “My knife set was my most prized possession. I’ve been building it over the last 4 years, so it's really unfortunate, but the community has been so supportive,” Houghton said.

He says he doesn’t feel safe in his own home now.

“Shoutout to my best friend Zach, he's been letting me stay at his place for the night, and I’m going to be going back for the next few nights. It's uncomfortable and unsettling, and I don't think anyone would want to go back somewhere where they know was willingly broken into,” said Houghton.

The young man also has a message for anyone who lives in his area. “Just be alert. You know with the fires going on right now and people leaving their houses, make sure you take everything that you really care about, and just be ready if anyone enters your house because it's happening and people should know about it.”

Houghton’s sister and his aunt have created a GoFundMe page so that he can buy back some of the stolen items. Police continue to investigate, but they have not found the suspect. To make a donation, click here.

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