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Rare badger spotted crossing overpass in West Kelowna

Rare sight in West Kelowna

Rob Gibson

A rare sight in West Kelowna.

Janet Molnar says she moved to West Kelowna from Alberta a few years ago and her family was visiting recently.

As they were driving into West Kelowna the evening of July 8, crossing the Highway 97 overpass onto Gellatly Road Molnar's granddaughter spotted something on the side of the road, "this thing came running out of the ditch so my granddaughter got her phone out and started recording a video of this big badger."

Badgers are extremely rare in B.C. — according to Parks Canada, in 2016 there were only about 200 of them left in the province. They are also an endangered species in British Columbia.

Badgers aren't dangerous for humans and generally keep to themselves and don’t bother people. They do most of their hunting at night but are seen out and about in the daytime as well. They are excellent hunters of earth-dwelling prey including gophers, rabbits, groundhogs, ground squirrels, mice, and snakes.

Molnar says she saw a badger years ago in Alberta, "I almost stepped on one and I ran out of the ditch screaming because I read how vicious they are."

Badgers have a reputation of being an angry animal, they don’t like being harassed and they’ll defend themselves using sharp claws if you don't give them a wide berth.

"I wouldn't think an animal like that would be out where he could be seen but there he was."

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