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Westbank Museum inviting the community to get involved as it renovates its exterior

Facade to step back in time

The Westbank Museum is renovating the front of its building and is inviting the community to get involved.

"Being a museum and a heritage society that promotes pioneer heritage, we needed something that was more appealing and more interesting and in a way that represents the historical downtown Westbank," says Jeremiah Ryder, executive director at The Westbank Museum.

It will be transformed into an old-time streetscape, complete with a blacksmith’s shop, fruit packing house, and general store.

It's an opportunity for artists, volunteers and the community to be a part of Westbank's history. Artists are invited to showcase their talents by contributing to the murals or painting the building.

"The window on the packing house will have a look into of what an old packing house looked like," Ryder continues.

Eventually, the Westbank Museum hopes to spruce up the sides of the building. It will add murals and hopefully a public garden and picnic space for visitors to take a break and enjoy the space.

"This is a project that we want to share with the community, as we feel it will beautify the area by adding some fresh colour and a new point of interest to see," he adds.

"Though we have secured funding, we are looking for additional donations in kind and monetarily from any group or persons who may be interested in assisting us."

People interested in donating their time, artistic skills are welcome to help out – email here to get involved.

If you simply want to make a monetary donation, click here.

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