West Kelowna  

Bright meteor shoots across Kelowna early Monday morning

Fireball lights up night sky

A bright green fireball flew over Kelowna early Monday and one lucky resident caught it on camera.

Darren Seneshen was travelling on Highway 97 in Westbank towards Kelowna when a meteor flew across the sky above Kelowna at 5:23 a.m.

“It was something I’ve never seen before. It was so green and vivid and the tip so red and big,” he explains. “There was a little plane flying in the same direction on the south-side of the highway heading towards the airport and I’m thinking, wow they must have had a pretty good shot of that thing. I thought maybe it shot out of the plane and I’m thinking who the hell is shooting this fricken rocket launcher over the mountain,” he laughs.

Seneshen says while it happened so quickly, it appeared the fireball flew right over the Kelowna International Airport.

And according to social media, some lucky people in Alberta also got to witness the meteor lighting up the northern sky in the Edmonton area.

“It was actually really wild in real life,” says Seneshen.

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