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Large boat moored at Lake Okanagan Resort capsizes

Large boat capsizes

If you own a large boat and moor it at Lake Okanagan Resort you might want to double-check that it's still upright.

Castanet received these photos from Rick Marwood, a BCAA driver who responded to a call at Lake Okanagan Resort on Saturday, February 20.

"I was towing a vehicle out there and the fella says to me, 'you gotta come down to the dock, bring your camera.'"

Marwood says when he got down to the dock he could see a large boat capsized and mostly under water.

Marwood says the person he was with showed him a picture of the boat taken when it was above water and it looks like a large boat. Marwood believes the boat sank sometime Friday or overnight, "it's a big boat, a nice boat. Now there's a big hole in the hull."

Marwood says he doesn't know who owns the boat and when he took the pictures Saturday there didn't appear to be any fuel or oil leaking from the boat.

"But they're gonna have to get divers and a strap on this thing and get a crane and barge to get this sucker out," says Marwood.

A representative from the marina at Lake Okanagan Resort tells Castanet the boat is being worked on as of Monday morning.

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