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A Peachland surfer caught some waves in Okanagan Lake Saturday

Surfs up in Peachland

While most people won't be jumping in Okanagan Lake for at least a few months, one Peachland surfer jumped at the opportunity when the winds picked up Saturday.

Derek FitzGerald has been surfing for about 25 years, but Saturday was the first time he's caught waves in his hometown of Peachland.

“I don't know too many people who've actually caught waves with a board in the lake,” he said.

Describing the lake as “frigid,” FitzGerald stayed in for about half an hour, and he was able to stand up on his board and catch a wave four times.

He wore a wet suit to help with the temperatures, but without booties, a hoodie or gloves, 30 minutes was long enough for the surfing adventure.

FitzGerald's girlfriend Ashlee Kepke said her boyfriend put on quite the show for those passing by the Peachland-area beach.

“Everybody pulled over and were watching and taking pictures,” she said laughing.

So could Peachland become the next Tofino, with hordes of surfers coming from far and wide?

“I hope not!” FitzGerald said.

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