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Pair of ladies take polar bear dip in Okanagan Lake

Cold water warriors

UPDATE 11:35 a.m.

The two women spotted going for a dip in Gellatly Bay in West Kelowna earlier this week have reached out to Castanet to let us know they are part of a group called the "Cold Water Warriors."

Nicole Heron tells Castanet she and her friend Tina Herrmann have been taking the plunge since December.

"People pay a lot of money to have cryo treatments at spas and we thought why don't we save ourselves some money."

Heron says jumping into the frigid waters is bracing and that she is now "addicted."

Heron says she and Tina were, "influenced by the Wim Hoff method, we try and indulge in this therapy once a week for 6-10 minutes. There's so much more than a selfie opportunity. Mental clarity, sore muscles and sleep benefits, circulation help and so much more."

Heron says the secret is to bring a housecoat to the water, "I just throw my housecoat on as soon as I come out of the water and then jump into my car to warm up."

ORIGINAL 4:00 a.m.

Environment Canada is calling for temperatures to rise steadily as this week progresses, with daytime highs expected to be in the 4 C to 7 C range through the weekend.

Tuesday in West Kelowna the mercury didn't quite rise above 0 C but that didn't stop a couple of brave souls from tossing caution to the wind and jumping in the freezing waters of Gellatly Bay.

Sandy Ketchum tells Castanet she was out for a walk Tuesday afternoon when she saw the two ladies in their bathing suits getting ready to take a dip. "They were walking on the ice and sitting on the ice," says Ketchum

The pair can be seen in the pictures apparently taking selfies in Okanagan Lake.

For reference sake, the temperature in the lake at this time of year is hovering around 3 C. That didn't stop these two ladies from enjoying a refreshing dip.

"They seemed like they were having a great time and when we came back from our walk they were gone but the ice in Gellatly Bay was all broken up."

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