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Water advisory issued for Pritchard-Sunnyside system

Water advisory issued

The City of West Kelowna and Interior Health have issued a water quality advisory for the Pritchard-Sunnyside System.

The city is dealing with turbidity issues in Okanagan Lake in the vicinity of the intake related to last night’s windstorm.

“Turbidity affects the performance of the chlorine disinfection process because bacteria, protozoa, viruses and other microorganisms can attach themselves to suspended particles in the turbid water. These particles can interfere with disinfection by shielding the microorganisms from the chlorine,” the City of West Kelowna said.

Under a Water Quality Advisory, children, the elderly and those with weakened immunity must use water brought to a rolling boil for one minute or more, or seek an alternative safe source, for brushing teeth, drinking, making baby formula and ice, preparing food and beverages and washing fruits and vegetables.

The bulk filling station at Shannon Lake and Asquith Roads is open to provide a safe, alternative source of drinking water from the state of the art Powers Creek Water Filtration Plant, which uses multiple methods of treatment, and which the City will replicate at the Rose Valley treatment facility when completed in 2022.

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