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West Kelowna council will take a fresh look at a number of new positions it approved for the 2021 budget

Rethinking new hirings

West Kelowna council has agreed to take a second look at newly approved positions in 2021.

The decision, passed unanimously Tuesday, came at the request of Mayor Gord Milsom who has the legislative ability to ask council to reconsider any matter within 30 days of the initial vote.

During last month's deliberation on the 2021 budget, council approved the addition of 12 new positions with a full time equivalency of 11.25.

A temporary, two-year position within the communication department was not approved.

In making the motion Tuesday, Milsom said during budget deliberations, council made some decisions with respect to new employees, "which were really operational in nature, and the responsibility of our CAO."

"It's council's responsibility to set strategic priorities, and to direct our staff to implement those priorities.

"I think we dug a little bit too deep during that meeting, and certain decisions were made in advance of council considering the budget in its totality."

Council agreed to reconsider those FTE requests, asking that staff come back with a revised request for council to consider at its Jan. 19 budget meeting.

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