West Kelowna  

West Kelowna has sent tenders to potential contractors for Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant

Tenders out for water plant

The City of West Kelowna hopes to know early in 2021 who will be in charge of constructing the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant.

The city has sent tender packages out to four contractors who were pre-qualified through an earlier bid process.

Those companies will have the better part of seven weeks to prepare final bids before the tender closes in mid-January.

The city will select the winning contractor shortly thereafter.

The municipality is also sending out packages for the pre-purchase of equipment needed during construction.

The tie-in of a 750mm main connecting the Lakeview-Rose Valley system to the new water treatment plant has also been complete.

The city hopes to have the $75 million water treatment plant up and running by the spring of 2022.

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