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Bliss Bakery and Bistro in Westbank puts location up for sale

Bakery goes up for sale

Bliss Bakery and Bistro in Westbank is putting the location up for sale.

Barry and Darci Yeo, the owners of the Bliss chain, have had lots of success with their brand. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed some new challenges and they are now looking to downsize the company. 

"My wife and I, we're a family business and we started Bliss Bakery about 16 years ago," says Yeo. 

All locations; in Peachland, West Kelowna and Kelowna were closed starting in March for approximately two months when the pandemic initially struck. When it came time to reopen, the Yeo's had to find ways to make up for lost revenue such as stopping catering services, reducing staff and limiting production. 

The Westbank store located at 3608 Carrington Road was also a sacrifice that needed to be made.

"Its a good store but out of our three main retail stores, it was the store that really took the longest to come back and it really hasn't come back to pre-COVID numbers. None of the stores have," says Yeo. "Darci and I have been working ridiculous hours for the last eight months and we're just ready to simplify our lives."

Yeo says despite sales decreasing by between 30 and 40 per cent in the last eight months, he is confident that Bliss will come back out on top.

"We will survive. We're a good Okanagan brand and we have really loyal customers," he says. "It was not an easy decision of course. This has been a horrible year for restaurants and retail businesses. For us, it was a matter of how do we maintain our sanity, have a little down time and make sure that we can take care of our company as a whole. We feel this is the best way to go."

The location is now up for sale with all the equipment included for someone wanting to open a coffee shop or restaurant. There is also the ability to add a drive-thru since the majority of the infrastructure is already in place. The bakery will continue to operate while the location, without the brand, is up for sale.

Listed at $100,000, the price includes all of the equipment, leaseholds, furniture and patio space. 

"Let somebody go in there that has some new ideas, reopen the drive-thru. It will do well," says Yeo. "My expectation is that we are in this pandemic for the next two years so as a result, let's find somebody that can run this store properly. I'm not selling the business, they're going to run it as their own coffee shop or restaurant."

Click here to view the listing on Castanet.

** a previous version of this story suggested Bliss was closing its Westbank location shortly. In fact, it will remain open while the location is for sale. 

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