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AEL asks motorists to park off the street during snow events

Help the plow, park off road

AEL YouTube

With the first snowfall of the season expected across the Okanagan Valley Friday, AEL West Kelowna has a message for motorists.

Please park your vehicle in your driveway, and avoid parking on the street.

"During snow storms in the West Kelowna area we have had issues with parked cars on both sides of the road," the company responsible for clearing roads in the city posted on its YouTube channel.

"This makes it impossible for our plows to be dispatched to clear the snow. Please help us this year by parking in driveways and not in the streets during snow events."

AEL is responsible for clearing 522 lane-kilometres of municipal roads within the City of West Kelowna, except Highway 97, which is the responsibility of AIM Roads.

AEL VP of B.C. operations Dustin Khadikin told Castanet News there has been a reduction in the number of problems their crews have faced, and last year was certainly far better than previous winters.

However, he says having vehicles parked on the roadway during snow clearing efforts does create issues.

"Number 1, it prolongs services because trucks have to slow down and potentially approach how they remove snow on a specific road a specific way," said Khadikin.

"There is also a safety aspect to it. With the number of roads that are on hills and slopes, if an operator gets part way in and it's on an incline, and deems the available opening between two vehicles will not facilitate the width of a plow truck, he now has to back down that hill."

He adds that can cause a delay in a street being plowed.

Meanwhile, with snow expected to begin sometime overnight Friday, and accumulations of between five and 15 centimetres possible depending on where you live, Khadikin says his crews are ready.

"It is earlier, but we have called in all the staff and the equipment is good to go and the materials are in place.

"I think our crews were out brining roads today in preparation. Let it set up and dry so when it gets activated through the snowfall, we're ahead of the curve.

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