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Green Party candidate says there are ways to improve traffic flow on William R. Bennett Bridge

Plan to fix Bennett bridge?

The Green Party candidate in Kelowna West says he has a cost-effective plan to improve traffic flow between West Kelowna and Kelowna.

Peter Truch, a transportation engineer, says he is the only candidate running in the riding with a plan, and the expertise, the end gridlock on the William R. Bennett Bridge.

Truch says there are ways to move traffic more efficiently along the bridge, including lane reversals to accommodate rush hour traffic, improving intersection designs and optimizing traffic signals.

“The BC Liberals created our traffic problem through poor planning 15 years ago and have done little to fix the problem since then,” says Truch, who says he has solved transportation challenges in communities throughout the province.

“The BC Greens have a proven track record of working collaboratively with other parties to implement affordable and sustainable solutions. My recommendations for fixing bridge traffic would cost an estimated $50 million. This is a fraction of the current $1.5 billion proposal on the table, and as a result, is much more realistic to implement.”

Truch adds he is in favour of economic development and new services in West Kelowna to reduce the number of trips, and enhance other transportation options so few people need to drive.

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