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Police investigating after brawl breaks out between teens, adults

Teens, adults brawl in street

UPDATE: 4:59 p.m.

Castanet has spoken with Jenn Lamont who described the altercation as "traumatizing."

"I drove up on the scene of these kids and one was about to throw a rock at my husband and he had him by the shirt," she says. "I saw my little girl in the middle of the road screaming 'daddy.'"

Lamont says her friend is still in hospital due to the large rock that was thrown at his eye while her husband is recovering with stitches in his head.

"Everything we did was in self defence," says Lamont. "We're not a family thats sitting around on our deck, going to beat up kids. We're parents, we don't do that."

Lamont says she is frustrated with the response from RCMP and wishes that the kids involved were held accountable.

"I hope that they realize the extent of what they've done. Do I have high hopes for something happening to them? No. I don't wish harm on these kids, they're kids. But they need to have some sort of accountability for what they're doing."

Lamont says while one of the parents of one teen involved has reached out to apologize, one parent confronted Lamont alleging that the kids were wrongly assaulted. 

A mother of one of the teenagers has also contacted Castanet, stating the allegations related to sexual assault are false.

"The boys left the altercation and went straight to the police station offering DNA. Some random guy comes out and says 'oh probably the same kids picking on my daughter.' These boys had absolutely nothing to do with anything regarding sexual assault," she said, adding those allegations have "nothing to do with a consensual physical fight."

"My children are being threatened, a widowed mother is being threatened," the mother said.

ORIGINAL: 3:17 p.m.

A group of teenage boys and adults got into a large physical altercation on Sunday afternoon in West Kelowna, leaving many of the people involved bloody and bruised. 

At approximately 5:20 p.m., West Kelowna RCMP received reports of a physical altercation in the 4000 block of Pritchard Drive.

"Frontline officers attended the scene immediately and spoke with two groups involved in the altercation, one group of male youths and a group of adults," says Const. Solana Pare. 

"Following the investigation of speaking with the individuals involved as well as witnesses on scene and review of videos taken which show a portion of the incident, it was determined that both groups challenged each other which escalated in a physical altercation."

Individuals from both groups were treated on scene for minor injuries.

Jenn Lamont, one of the adult individuals involved in the incident, took to Facebook to tell her side of the story in a post that was shared several hundred times. 

She explains her husband and friend were outside sitting on her deck when they heard kids screaming and swearing nearby. The situation quickly escalated when the teenage boys were asked to quiet down and to refrain from swearing since younger children were nearby.

Lamont says she was returning from the grocery store when she first encountered the group of teenagers. 

"We drove up to the scene of these boys attacking my husband and friend and my five-year-old daughter was traumatized," Lamont said in the Facebook post.

Lamont says when she started filming the teenagers from her vehicle, one allegedly grabbed her cellphone prompting her to get out and chase him.

"I chased him and one of the other ones tripped me, threw me onto the pavement," she wrote.

Other posts on social media suggest the teenage boys threw large rocks at the adults while screaming.

Lamont's Facebook post went on to voice frustrations over the RCMP response.

"The West Kelowna RCMP think that these kids can’t be charged because they are minors? What the hell is wrong with this picture? Moral of the story is these kids can assault you in broad daylight and get away with it. And if I retaliate they can charge me. Something is highly flawed with this system!" wrote Lamont.

Const. Pare added they are investigating Lamont's allegation that one of the boy's was involved in a sexual assault of a 10-year-old girl shortly prior to the melee. 

In response to Lamont's post, the West Kelowna RCMP said that criminal charges can be pursued against anyone 12-years-old or older, given the evidence, witnesses and substance of allegations.

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