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Casa Loma residents take action to stop speeder in their area

'Slow down, Quail crossing'

Sarita Patel

If you haven’t driven up Campbell Road in West Kelowna in a while, you may have missed some unique reminders to slow down. 

Casa Loma area residents have decided to take some ownership by using quirky, fun signs reminding the public to slow down in the area. 

“We thought it was a more appropriate way to go at it because it’s less in your face, it’s giving you a flower pot with flowers in it, a solar light and we come up with various slogans that would be more eye-catching for people to see it, read the message and hopefully just comply with the posted speed of 50 kilometres,” explains Don Drissell, a Casa Loma Resident helping with the initiative. 

There’s only one-way in and one-way out for the residents and the roadway has no shoulders, limited space for cyclists and pedestrians and limited lighting, which Don says is a safety concern for all the community members. 

“Coming off the bridge onto Campbell Road, it’s a long stretch of very narrow road, not a lot of initial residences as you travel through West Bank First Nations,” notes Drissell who says by the time people get to the Casa Loma area people are driving at a higher speed. 

“The speed would be normally well-above 50, into the 60s, 70s and we’ve even had some up into the 80s.”

Drissell understands it’s easy enough for people to forget to slow down when there’s a long stretch of road and no houses to begin with but he believes the sign board helps remind motorist that they’re in a 50 zone. 

Back in 2017, the City of West Kelowna installed a sign board which he says has supported their efforts in reminding people to keep an eye on their speed. The new signage is not only for the community members but for visitors too. 

According to Drissell, the initial response has been positive from the community and they expressed their appreciation for the community members taking ownership of the speed issue. 

“We worked with the City of West Kelowna and we’ve worked with the West Kelowna RCMP who’ve been very supportive and they’ve been out here doing patrols and enforcement. We’re really pleased with the results that we’ve received from them.”

The members would like to add more signage and if you have any slogans or feedback head to the Casa Loma community association website for more information. 

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