West Kelowna  

Blasting permit to start for Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant

Water plant blasting begins

The City of West Kelowna has issued a blasting permit for early site works for the Rose Valley Water Treatment Plant starting next week. 

The work will take place Monday to Friday and occasionally on Saturday as needed.

The blasting is required to prepare for civil site works on a 24-acre property at 2010 Bartley Rd., which the municipality acquired to construct its long-awaited multi-barrier water treatment plant.

As part of early site works, blasting is required to create access and service line conduits to the site and establish foundations for the plant and the required holding tank reservoirs.

As part of WorkSafeBC requirements, safety horns will sound before the blast and again once the area is clear.

The company will conduct ground vibration and air overpressure monitoring during blasting activities.

Construction is expected take at least 20 months to complete, allowing the plant to be commissioned and fully operational by late spring of 2022.

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