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West Kelowna residents without mailboxes for three months

3 months without mailboxes

After thefts from the mailbox at a West Kelowna mobile home park last year, the more than 100 residents have been forced to drive to Kelowna to get their mail for the past three months – with no solution in sight.

The private mailboxes at Jubilee Mobile Home Park off Boucherie Road were broken into last November, prompting the management company to remove them from the property.

“They posted a notice shortly after the vandalism, letting us know that for now we have to go to the Baillie (Avenue) mail centre,” said resident Jeremy Teichreb. “That's a long way to go to just check your mail.”

Teichreb says since management company Princess Resorts posted the initial notice, residents haven't heard any updates.

“Why they haven't dealt with it by now is beyond me, it's been three months ... Everybody is frustrated.”

Princess Resorts did not return a request for comment, and Teichreb says residents have had no indication when they'll get their boxes back.

“I'm on disability, and I have to provide a rental receipt to disability every month ... I don't know when my rental receipt is going to be in,” he said. Residents must drive the 20 minutes to the mail centre in Kelowna to check if they have mail, and can't call ahead.

To make matters worse, the mail centre is only open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday to Friday.

“We would love to know when we can get regular mail service back, because this has really been an inconvenience for three months,” said Teichreb.

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